MBR is a commercial real estate advisory company, based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The company operates in fields of retail real estate development and management and provides the following services:

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About us

The company was founded in 2015 in the city of Plovdiv by Valkan Yovchev - first certified CSM property manager in Bulgaria. Class of 2013. Valkan Yovchev has many years of experience as a manager of malls of various sizes in Bulgaria.


14 years of experience in managing retail parks in all phases of the life cycle.

12 years of experience in managing malls as part of a team – 6 malls.

5 years of experience in independently developing retail parks – consulting, leasing, launching, and managing – 4 projects.

Plovdiv Plaza

Repositioned and redeveloped scheme from 2018.

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Via Park

VIA Park offers a combination of convenient location and the best commercial mix in the area.

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Karlovo Way Park

Karlovo Way Park is the new shopping place in the city of Karlovo, which will take shopping in the surrounding area to another level.

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Pana Green Park

Pana Green Park - the modern retail park of Panagyurishte.

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Via Sever

Via Север is the second retail park from the Via family.

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Pre-developmental services

We will make preliminary assessment of the financial feasibility of the project and will make optimization proposals, based on:

  • Opportunities research: catchment areas, demographics, locations, retailers.
  • Conceptual planning – size of the project, public amenities and/or improvements
  • Financial vitality of the project – formation of EBITDA/NOI based on future revenues, expenses, OPR and OPP.

Setting-up the scheme

In case you decide to run the project after opening by your own, you can count on us for:

  • Conducting tenders and other procedures to select optimal contractors.
  • Team training.
  • Creating and implementing standard operating procedures.
  • Preparation of the first budget of operational expenses, incomes and cash flows.

Design & Construction

We will consult your project during the design and construction phases of the project from retail and property management perspective.

We will attend periodic meetings in these regards.

Property & Facility Management

If you entrust us with your project, you will receive full property management services after its opening:

  • Leasing management – new negotiations and renegotiations.
  • Marketing management.
  • Facility management.
  • Tenant relations management and debt collection.
  • Budgeting and planning.

Leasing & Tenant Coordination

We don’t just rent out, we provide full service – from planning the mix to delivering the center to the finished store.

  • Preparation of the leasing plan, based on location and catchment area.
  • Leasing of the project to international and local retailers.
  • Tenant coordination:
    • – Coordination, administration, and monitoring of the design and construction of commercial properties.
    • – Gathering necessary contract documents – insurances, bank guarantees.

Redevelopment and repositioning of distressed properties

Sometimes, when things aren’t going well and waiting for better days doesn’t help, it’s time for a change.

We can help you with repositioning and redevelopment of the scheme. We will start from the beginning – research of the opportunities and we will go all the way – redevelopment of the tenant mix, layout and/or buildings.

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